Pap Chanel Interview & Artist Spotlight: The 6 Paponalities

Pap Chanel Press Conference Recap

Introducing: Pap ChanelThe female rapper on the rise is taking the Atlanta music scene by storm. Check out our Pap Chanel Interview Coverage and Artist Spotlight Below. When you think of the Atlanta hip hop scene, the first thing that may come to mind is the impact made by artists like Outkast, T.I., the Migos, […]

Majid Jordan Toronto Concert Recap: Wildest Dreams Tour 2021

Majid Jordan Toronto Concert Recap Wildest Dreams Tour - MASSEY HALL, Toronto

It’s been a long hiatus on the album front for fans of Majid Jordan and to some, it may have felt like a lifetime.  However the wait is finally over and Majid Jordan is back giving fans a healthy dose of incredible music and a chance to escape from the turbulence that Covid has tossed […]

Downfall – Artist Spotlight With Xande

Blog Thumbnail Template Downfall by XANDE – Out Now! It has been nearly a year since we formally chatted with Setubal Portugal’s very own XANDE and we were fortunate enough to sit down with him again for a very heartfelt and informative interview. We got a behind the scenes look at his latest single “Downfall” and discussed […]

In The Meantime: Artist Spotlight With Jonee

In The Meantime Artist Spotlight With Jonee We had the opportunity to catch up with Jonee of Port Arthur, Texas to discuss her New EP “In The Meantime” – and learn more about the influences that have shaped her music.  Artist Spotlight Interview With Jonee The Singer-Songwriter, is an up-and-coming artist from Port Arthur, Texas, she brings her Neo-Soul/Pop vibe throughout […]

Grab The Moment: Artist Spotlight Interview With JOWST Pt. 2

Grab The Moment Artist Spotlight With Jowst Part 2

In Part 1 of our interview with JOWST, we learned about the artist and his experiences within the music industry.  Part 1 touched on leveraging your opportunities to your advantage, not relying on previous success and scratched the surface of how platforms like Spotify work behind the scenes. If you haven’t already, you can check […]

Grab The Moment: Artist Spotlight Interview With JOWST Pt. 1

Grab The Moment Artist Spotlight With Jowst Part 1

We always love chatting with artists and learning about their experiences as they strive to break through the noise of the music industry.  The road to your aspirations in music will always be riddled with challenges and some tough decisions.  The wild thing about some of these decisions is that you may not even know […]

Perfect Life: Artist Spotlight With Baby C

Perfect Life Artist Spotlight With Baby C

I came across Baby C a couple of years ago while she was touring around Canada. Her energy on stage was very contagious and the music that followed made for a very memorable show.  After learning more about her story and what has lead her to this point, you cant help but admire her perseverance. […]

“Maybe Different Is Not So Bad” – Artist Spotlight With “XANDE”

Maybe Different Is Not So Bad Artist Spotlight With XANDE

Without a doubt, 2020 has been a year filled with a bunch of changes and uncertainty, forcing us all to adapt in more ways than one.  One creative mind forging ahead during these unprecedented times and expressing themselves through their work, is an artist by the name of XANDE. Since our first interaction with the artist […]

Striving For Perfection: An Interview With Darren Majak

Striving For Perfection Artist Spotlight Interview With Darren Majak

An Interview With Darren Majak Finding success as an independent musician is no easy task. However, one thing is for sure, the challenges you are facing are faced by the majority of your fellow musicians.  The amazing thing about networking and collaboration is the ability to pick the brains of others and learn from their […]