Roger Notario Music Trademark Interview: A Lesson To Artists

Music and Trademarks Roger Notario

In our discussion today we sit down with our good friend and Attorney, Roger Notario over at Apollo’s Counsel to discuss the topic of trademarks and their impact on the music industry.  As an artist, protecting yourself and your music has to be a priority. These all fall under trademark law which is often a […]

Breaking Down Artist Growth In The Houston Music Scene

Artist Growth Nathan Williams

An Interview with Nathan Williams of Artistic Elevation We break down artist growth in the Houston area and what aspiring artists need to consider before stepping into a recording studio.  When it comes to your hard-earned money, you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your studio time. We also touch on how […]

Aaron Green Cover Song Interview: Key Tips For Artists

Cover Songs Interview Aaron Green An Interview w/Aaron Green Co-Founder of Easy Song Licensing.  We preach the benefits of doing cover songs often and thought we should go a bit more in-depth on the topic with our good friend Aaron Green over at Easy Song Licensing. With this interview, we touch on the different benefits and opportunities available to […]

The Mechanical Licensing Collective: Why You Should Register

Mechhanical Licensing Collective Interview With Kris Ahrend

An Interview With Kris Ahrend, CEO of The Mechanical Licensing Collective. We got the opportunity to discuss what The Mechanical Licensing Collective is and how the company is focused on helping artists get paid the money owed to them. “As one piece of 2018’s Music Modernization Act, The Mechanical Licensing Collective was built to distribute […]

The Rise of Audiomack: An Interview With Charlie Kaplan

What Is Audiomack Interview With Charlie Kaplan

An interview with Charlie Kaplan, VP of Product at Audiomack. We got the opportunity to discuss what Audiomack is and how the company is focused on being more than just another streaming service within the music industry.  Charlie goes in-depth about the ways Audiomack is benefiting both artists and music lovers at a global level. […]

Octavius Crouch – The Art of Releasing Your Music Interview

Music Distribution Secrets Interview With Octavius Crouch An Interview with Octavius Crouch of Symphonic Distribution. Widely known as” Doc Ock”. Octavius has many years of music industry experience and contacts under his belt while spending time in the major record label system. Our discussion dives into a number of different topics related to the music industry and growing your music career […]

Aaron Green Music Licensing Interview: Key Tips For Artists

Music Licensing Considerations Interview With Aaron Green An Interview with Aaron Green, Co-Founder of Easy Song Licensing where we discuss the ins and outs of music licensing. With this interview, we touch on the different benefits and opportunities available to you with music licensing. You can also check out our other interview with Aaron where we dive deeper into cover song […]

Roger Notario Music Copyright Interview: A Lesson To Artists

Music Copyrights Interview With Roger Notario An Interview With Attorney Roger Natario of Apollo’s Counsel where we discuss the importance of copyrighting your music and review a ton of myths floating around the industry. This also builds off another discussion we had with Roger where we broke down the basics of music trademarks Here. “Apollo’s Counsel is a law firm focusing […]

Patrice K. Cokley: Branding & Marketing Your Music Interview

The Art Of Branding Interview With Patrice K Cokley

An Interview with Patrice K. Cokley of The Bassline Group discussing the current state of the music industry and how this applies to branding and marketing yourself effectively as an artist. Many know Patrice for her work with Mathew Knowles (Beyoncé & Solange’s dad), but she is  most proud of receiving the 2019 Mentor of the Year […]

Juri Kobayashi – Distributing Your Music In China Interview

Music Distribution In China Interview With Juri Kobayashi An Interview with Juri Kobayashi of Musicinfo discussing what the markets are like in China and how artists can promote and distribute their music in these markets. Musicinfo is comprised of a flock of musicians, designers, and realists moving together to understand your needs.  Rooted in Finnish honesty, equality creates the best quality of […]