6 Reasons To Hire A Graphic Designer For Your Music Branding?

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Are you a graphic design prodigy? If so, this might not be of any use to you.  Or are you thinking to hire a graphic designer to help with your music branding? If you have the time or technical know how to learn programs like Photoshop, Premiere, or even Canva, then more power to you. However, […]

6 Important Music Metrics That Actually Matter

Understanding Your Music Metrics

It’s virtually impossible to be a serious musician in todays climate and not think about some of the more important music metrics.  Whether you’re a huge success or working as an unknown artist, you now have more access than ever before to see the relationship between the music you’re making and the audience that’s listening […]

Music Career Planning: 6 Important Planning Tips

6 Things Planning Will Do For Your Music Career

So what is music career planning?  Many musicians begin their careers with the hope or expectation that making great music will be enough to make them succeed.  This makes sense considering the stories we hear about musicians usually involve overnight, rags-to-riches success scenarios.  Unfortunately, quick and easy success isn’t in the cards for most musicians. […]

6 Ways You Can Utilize Your Music Data To Grow Your Career

Leverage Your Music Data To Make Better Decisions

Your music data and analytics might sound like nothing more than music industry buzzwords.  However they’re actually powerful tools that are available to all artists who distribute their music to any major streaming platform.  While it’s easy and justifiable to get discouraged about low streaming payouts, one of the biggest benefits of music’s digitization is […]

Your Music Goals: 5 Essential Areas For Artists To Consider

Creating SMART Goals For Your Music Career

Have you revisited you music goals lately? Feeling stuck in your music career? Or like you’re simply spinning your tires and getting nowhere? Week after week you do show after show. You work hard at becoming a better artist and trying to perfect your craft, yet things still seem to be at a standstill. Have […]

Music Finance Tips: The Ultimate Finance Guide for Musicians

Ultimate Music Finance Guide

Looking for music finance tips? As an artist it’s no secret that you live and breathe creativity.  In many cases creating music might be your ultimate getaway from the real world.  A time of bliss and where nothing else seems to matter. We are told to pursue the things that make us happy and the […]

Rejection In Music: Why You Need To Get Used to Hearing “NO”

Dealing With Rejection as a Musician

Why is rejection in music so rampant? “No” can be a hard pill to swallow, but it’s an unavoidable part of life. No matter who we are or what we do, being denied what we want is something we’re likely to experience throughout our lifetimes.  Whether we fall in love with someone who doesn’t feel […]

Music Grant Writing: 8 Must Know Tips For Success

Music Grant Writing Tips

Trying to spruce up your music grant writing ability? Is it possible to have a successful music career without spending a dime or investing in it? I get asked that question ALL the time. After all you want to make a real living from your music one day right? Time and time again you’ll hear people say […]