6 Most Common Music Licensing Myths and Misconceptions

Music Licensing Myths

Sync licensing isn’t something that every musician is familiar with.  If you’ve never used someone else’s music or had someone request to use your music, there are many questions that may present themselves.  Common music licensing myths and misconceptions can prevent an artist from exploring this lucrative area of the music industry.  6 Most Common […]

6 Benefits of Music Licensing For Artists Explained

Music Licensing Explained

Curious about the benefits of music licensing for artists? Music licensing helps provide artists with yet another way to get paid. The licensed use of copyrighted music typically provides an upfront fee and backend royalties from public performances.  Without licensing and the firm guidelines surrounding it, the world of music would become quite chaotic. As […]

What Is The Harry Fox Agency? Learn How They Can Help You

The Harry Fox Agency Everything You Need To Know

Ever asked what is the Harry Fox Agency? If you want to be successful in your music career, your work needs representation and protection.  Music is a unique type of creative work in that it can be played by anyone with the talent to reproduce it, meaning all of the work that you put into […]

Everything You Need to Know About Easy Song Licensing

Easy Song Licensing Everything You Need To Know

Covering popular songs can be a good strategy for independent artists to get noticed.  Artists such as Charlie Puth, Alessia Cara, and Ed Sheeran are living proof of that. All of them got noticed thanks to their cover songs and the power of the internet.  Today, streaming platforms such as Spotify have amassed a huge […]

Important Factors to Help You License Your Music and Land More Placements

3 Tips For Landing More Placements

Want to learn how to land more music placements? In 2015, Post Malone was getting grilled by Charlamagne tha God during an interview with The Breakfast Club.  At the time, the viral musician insisted that a major label cosign is the only way to stick out in today’s crowded musical landscape.  This may be true […]

What Is SoundScan? Learn Their Role In The Music Industry

SoundScan Everything You Need To Know

Charts matter in music and you might be wondering what is SoundScan? They’re quantifiable ways of measuring the success of your creative efforts, and SoundScan is one of the most important music tracking charts on the block.  It’s run by the Nielsen Corporation and is a name you’ll need to remember when working in the […]

Everything You Need to Know About Public Performance Licensing

Performance Licensing Everything You Need To Know

Ever asked what is public performance licensing? Whether you’re a recording artist, performing musician, or both, you need to understand performance licensing.  These licenses are necessary to play a song in public.  That includes the music you hear playing on the radio, in clubs, restaurants, retail stores, concerts, arenas, stadiums or anywhere else. It doesn’t […]

What Is Sync Licensing? Get The Clarity You Need On Sync

Sync Licensing Everything You Need To Know

This is a high level overview answering the question of what is sync licensing? Post-synchronization is one of the most important and potentially profitable aspects of an artist’s music career.  Any visual media that contains copyrighted music has a post-synchronization license (also known as a sync license). Sync licensing includes music that is used in […]

Everything You Need to Know About SoundExchange

SoundExchange Everything You Need To Know

What is SoundExchange you might be asking? A 2015 report published by the Berklee College of Music estimated that 20-50 percent of music payments do not get paid to the rightful owners of the money.  That same year, Kobalt, a music publisher in London that tracks music on digital outlets, shared some interesting findings.  Highlighting […]

An Introduction Into Music Publishing, Licensing & Copyright

Publishing Licensing and Copyright Everything You Need To Know

Do you know what it means to truly own your music?  In a perfect world everyone’s response to that question would be a resounding yes, but the truth is, many artists either don’t know, don’t care or are confused and intimidated by the weight of this question. If you can relate, I first want you […]