Songtrust Review: Collect Your Royalties With Ease

Songtrust Review

Curious about Songtrust and what they do for artists? Learn  exactly how they can be of use to you in our Songtrust review below! While virtually all musicians these days can quickly and easily distribute their releases online, many hit a stumbling block when it comes to getting paid for their music.  There’s certainly money […]

Defining The Role of a Music Publisher & How They Can Help Musicians

Music Publishers - Everything You Need To Know

Publishing is its own distinct component/sector within the music industry, and if you want to maximize your earning potential, it’s necessary to understand exactly what someone means when they claim to publish music. Starting at the Beginning: What Was a Music Publisher? Traditionally, a music publisher was the person or company responsible for releasing physical […]

Music Publishers Identified: 3 Levels Of Music Publishing

Music Publishers Identified - What are the 3 different levels

Although physical media (ex. CDs) have seen a major decline in production and sales, publishers are more active than ever in the digital age.  In comparison to the music industry of the past, it’s a lot easier to partner with a music publishers to get your music distributed across various mediums. This means increased exposure, […]