How to Release Music & Build Momentum With Ease

How To Release Music and Build Momentum

Why is it that some artists’ releases seem to generate a long term buzz and growth while others simply fizzle away? We all want to know how to release music successfully. The difference comes down to Momentum. Momentum is the driving force behind the careers of many successful artists!  These artists create momentum by releasing […]

7 Spotify Best Practices For Independent Musicians

7 Spotify Best Practices For Independent Musicians

Streaming has made music more accessible than ever before without hitting a payment barrier or having to burn and store your own CD compilations. In addition, streaming services allow independent artists to have more control over their career. Spotify is a great place to grow your audience and many artists are building their careers through […]

Boost Collective Spotify Promotion Review

Boost Collective Review

Should you use Boost? Every artist on planet earth wants to have a shot at music success.  Most artists want to do music full-time, however, success won’t be a reality unless you’re able to effectively promote and market your music.  In this article, we’re reviewing a music promotion company by the name of Boost Collective. […]

Breaking Down ASAP Rocky’s “Testing” Album Roll Out

ASAP Rocky Testing Album Rollout Breakdown & Case Study Today we’re talking Album Rollouts & Release Strategies by traveling back in time and looking at the ASAP Rocky Testing Album Rollout back in 2018. Testing was one of ASAP’s more memorable rollouts to date and was littered with all sorts of surprises for fans. The ASAP Rocky Effect We dive into the note-worthy […]

How To Get Your Music On Spotify & Apple Music

How To Get Your Music On Spotify and Apple Music

You’ve just finished your new album, and it’s time to let your fans enjoy it, but how? Have you ever wondered how artists get their music distributed to platforms like Spotify or Apple Music? Our fans are creatures of habit and stay loyal to their favorite music platforms. As an artist, this helps us identify […]

Musicspace: The Easy Way To Manage Your Music Catalog

Musicspace Catalog Management Review

Have you ever heard of Musicspace? If you have a large record deal, then chances are you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your releases. However, if this isn’t the case, you’ll certainly benefit from a tool that easily allows you to track, store and organize all of your past, present and future […]

Avoid Sabotaging Your Digital Releases: 5 Music Metadata Tips

Music Metadata Tips

This is part 2 in a special series about the importance of metadata in today’s music industry.  If you haven’t read part 1 yet, start there before reading this.  That article covers what metadata is and how getting it wrong could seriously derail your music career.  In this part of the series, we’re revealing our […]

Music Metadata: 3 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

Music Metadata Mistakes

Does the phrase music metadata put you on the edge of your seat? Probably not. When you think about your music career, it’s easy to remember the obvious moments.  Like the feelings you got from your first show, and those long nights in the studio or even the first time someone complimented you on your […]

Learn About Distrolock: Audible Magic & Distrokid Partner Up

Audible Magic & Distrokid Teaming Up To Form Distrolock

Have you heard of Distrolock yet?  If you aren’t already aware of Distrokid and its rise to popularity within the music distribution arena, you may want to take notice.  The company was founded in 2013 and has shown zero signs of slowing down especially with recent partnerships with powerhouses like Spotify. We have reviewed Distrokid […]

Distrokid Spotify Partnership: The Bitter Truth

Distrokid Spotify Partnership

Are you aware of the Distrokid Spotify partnership? Amid recent rumors of a potential partnership and just in time for Spotify to begin beta testing it’s direct upload service for artists, the music streaming giant has formally announced a deal with digital distribution platform DistroKid. Artist and industry reactions are mixed, and while the results […]