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If you’re an independent artist trying to take your music career to the next level, our Music With Flavor Courses & Guides are The Wikipedia of the Music Industry for Independent Artists. We bring you industry knowledge, strategies, and techniques to cut through the confusion that comes with trying to grow your music career.

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Music Planning &
Strategy Guide

A concrete guide to help you plan and strategize your music career. Includes in-depth templates & checklists.



The Ultimate Guide To Helping You Brand Your Independent Music Career 2

Music Branding

A concrete guide to help you create a strong brand for your music career. Includes in-depth templates & checklists.



A Recipe For Success

Our courses & guides are an accumulation of all our research, showing you what actually works within the music industry and simplifying all of our findings for you in an easy to digest manner.

No Fluff Just The Facts, allowing you to take action right away!

We’ve done all of the legwork for you of partnering with reputable companies in the industry, as well as talking to industry experts and artists to bring you the knowledge you need to grow as an artist.

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