Juri Kobayashi – Distributing Your Music In China Interview

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An Interview with Juri Kobayashi of Musicinfo discussing what the markets are like in China and how artists can promote and distribute their music in these markets.

Musicinfo is comprised of a flock of musicians, designers, and realists moving together to understand your needs. 

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Music Distribution In China Interview With Juri Kobayashi

We support the real influencers of the world, independent artists and musicians. We are resolute in securing your music and ensuring that your music leaves a lasting impression on new audiences in China.

Juri Kobayashi Interview Timestamps

Interview Timestamps:

1:12 – Introducing what Musicinfo is 

1:46 – Why artists should consider China 

2:23 – What areas outside of distribution to China does Musicinfo focus on 

3:28 – Competition among distributors within China 

4:56 – How Musicinfo can help artists 

6:17 – Commission fees associated with using Musicinfo 

8:00 – Benefits to using Musicinfo in coordination with another distribution service 

9:21 – How streaming platforms work and operate in comparison to platforms like Spotify & Apple Music 

12:38 – Common myth about the market in China 

15:51 – No magic pill, artist still need to work hard to push their music like anything else 

17:33 – Are payouts more in favour of the artists when it comes to streaming platforms in markets like China 

20:00 – Future opportunities with emerging markets 

22:05 – Closing thoughts on Musicinfo & Sync Opportunities

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