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An Interview with Octavius Crouch of Symphonic Distribution. Widely known as” Doc Ock”.

Octavius has many years of music industry experience and contacts under his belt while spending time in the major record label system.

Our discussion dives into a number of different topics related to the music industry and growing your music career as an artist.

We reflect on how the music industry was when Octavius was just starting out in the industry and how the industry has evolved over the years. 

While Octavius was tight lipped on some new ventures that have now been announced, his insights a breath of fresh air, providing helpful tips and reminders for independent artists trying to navigate the music industry. 

Music Distribution Secrets Interview With Octavius Crouch

Octavius Crouch Interview Timestamps

01:36 – Introducing Octavius

02:21 – What is Symphonic Distribution 

03:40 – What makes you different from other distributors 

05:35 – What is Symphonic looking for in an artist 

06:53 – Any artists on the platform that you’re excited about 

09:00 – How closely are you working with artists on your platform 

11:24 – What type of structure or fee is associated with Symphonic 

13:41 – Other opportunities being provided to artists 

16:23 – What would you say artists put too much emphasis on in terms of distributing or releasing new music 

19:27 – Suggestions for artists to redirect their energy 

22:12 – Myths about symphonic distribution 

25:15 – Future industry trends 

30:06 – Doing your research on NFTs 

31:19 – Advice for aspiring artists

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