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An Interview With Attorney Roger Natario of Apollo’s Counsel where we discuss the importance of copyrighting your music and review a ton of myths floating around the industry.

This also builds off another discussion we had with Roger where we broke down the basics of music trademarks Here.

“Apollo’s Counsel is a law firm focusing on entertainment and intellectual property law. The goal here is to provide creative, client-centered approaches to traditional and emerging legal issues. 

Whether you need a contract reviewed, a trademark registered, or a sample cleared, the goal is to do what is best for you now and in the long run.”

Music Copyrights Interview With Roger Notario

Roger Notario Music Copyright Interview Timestamps

1:03 – What is a copyright

3:32 – Copyright Myths (People running away with your work)

4:56 – Cost associated with pursuing copyright infringement issues or registering copyrights

7:39 – Myths related to owning your copyrights from the moments of creation

11:39 – Myths related to purchasing beats like beat stars, for example 

12:53 – The importance and realities of preaching ownership

15:23 – Copyright, & Reversion Rights 

22:34 – Trademarks 

31:56 – Myth of thinking you’re entitled to something for simple recommendations you’ve made

32:48 – Myth you don’t require a lawyer until a certain point in your career.

35:46 – Manager vs Lawyer 

37:36 – Geographical area for finding a lawyer/myth of any lawyer will do

40:45 – Agreements with collaborators and approaching this 

44:32 – Myth of trusting everybody

46:07 – Writing your own lyrics Hip Hop vs the genres

49:19 – Advice for DIY, Services, Lawyer

53:56 – Future of the industry 

1:00:33 – Brands vs Music as a tool

1:10:29 – Getting money from labels & mob ties

1:17:25 – Book suggestions

1:19:06 – Mechanical licensing collective

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