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In our discussion today we sit down with our good friend and Attorney, Roger Notario over at Apollo’s Counsel to discuss the topic of trademarks and their impact on the music industry. 

As an artist, protecting yourself and your music has to be a priority.

These all fall under trademark law which is often a topic overshadowed or confused with copyright law. 

This also builds off our previous discussion with Roger where we broke down the basics of music copyright Here

“Apollo’s Counsel is a law firm focusing on entertainment and intellectual property law. The goal here is to provide creative, client-centered approaches to traditional and emerging legal issues. 

Whether you need a contract reviewed, a trademark registered, or a sample cleared, the goal is to do what is best for you now and in the long run.”

Music and Trademarks Roger Notario

Roger Notario Music Trademark Interview Timestamps:

1:33 – Should artists trademark their stage name or logo?

3:44 – Trademarks and how they apply to new artists 

7:53 – Long Term Costs of rebranding 

10:22 – Difference in processing times when filing trademarks vs copyrights 

15:35 – The grey area with trademarks 

20:40 – What happens when artists end up identical artist names 

26:06 – How infringement and clout intersect 

36:51 – What happens when artists end up with similar names 

41:56 – Different classifications of trademarks 

48:56 – Merchandise and infringement 

58:04 – Disputes with bandmates or partners 

1:16:10 – Key Takeaways

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